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Telesales Solutions

Telesales, when done well, can be a brilliantly successful, profitable and mutually beneficial channel of
communication and sales between businesses and customers.
In an increasingly digital world, only by doing telesales will your company provide more interactive and personal sale services, leave customers with professional impression and…(help me)
Our product is exactly what you want for telesales services and can do even more by building professional reputation to your business among competitive telesales market.


Accurately forecast customers’ purchasing needs according to their behavior and habits, thereby designing reasonable methods to reduced costs of service and marketing while increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Automatically recommend Agent related products with primary and make the best rate to give amazing offers.

Configurable Price List or available setting predetermined factors to Up selling rapidly and gracefully.

The flexibility in defining target markets, media, product and service, budgets, real time actual results and the ability to automate campaigns at multi-levels and channels (email, SMS, direct mail, telemarketing, direct sales, service, or web access) allows for effective, coordinated communications across all campaigns and across all customers, staff and product interaction points.

Considered as action enablers allowing manage interactions with customers and capture spot trends to maximize customers’ benefits. Along with real-time summaries help increasing efficiency and controlling costs by reducing manual tasks leading to higher customer satisfaction and sales with less effort.

Providing technical supports to ensure excellent service standard and maintenance of high customer satisfaction. Outstanding knowledge about business’s products and service enabling provision of better service quality in the future, which directly leads to higher customer retention rate.