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Our telemarketing and call center experts, offering over 15+ years of call center and telemarketing operations experience, can deliver excellent outbound telemarketing services for your business!

TMS Consulting Service is engineered to quickly ramp-up any size, telemarketing or call center campaign! Our highly skilled customer service representatives, address any issue in a professional style.TMS seasoned call center and telemarketing agents, are extensively trained to LISTEN carefully, and respond with the right answers! Our proprietary custom scripting, targets customer satisfaction, and maximizes agent productivity!

In conjunction with our best of class (inbound call center), and outbound telemarketing services, TMS experts offer detailed consultations how to best structure a telemarketing or advertising campaign, for your specific industry or product. We offer current, hourly lead generation or sales estimates, for specific types of call center and telemarketing campaigns, so you have an idea what to expect going in.

In addition to our extensive industry knowledge and highly trained communicators, our Consulting Service, utilize the latest call center technologies and intelligent dialers, ensuring increased productivity and dials per hour. Increase dials and decrease costs!

We would bring you the best solution, guide you through process.

We give you access to our specialist team of highly skilled and experienced telesales and marketing agents who are not available on the open recruitment market.

We use our knowledge and personalities to be succeed in accessing to up-to-date technologies that aid in caller management and reduce queue time.