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Advanced Technology

TMS offers everything you look for in a call center and will help you to increase your focus on quality interactions with dozens of innovative call center features such as Affiliate marketing integration, smart & customizable Lead Distribution Rule, BI reporting, realtime tracking Delivery Process and many more.

Our Core Value

Provide extraordinary Telesales platform for your business

Understand Customers Better

Develop a clearer picture of who your customers really are and what they are trying to achieve.

Generate Higher Qualified Leads

The better the user experience for visitors, the more customers you acquire from the same amount of traffic you’re already receiving.

Boost Sales

When you improve your website’s conversion rate, you essentially grease the skids to higher sales.

Let's us help you be sucessful

Our reliable telesales software provides you all the management tools and features you need to run your operations more effectively.

Product Benefits

We help you delivering a high level of customer service plus maximizing sales possibilities

Agent Performance.

  • Improving the performance of your agents, which will definitely give a positive result for the company. Performance management will have a long way to go if your company is not doing well. It helps the employees and the company set objectives. Besides, it is a non-stop process of achieving progress. Moreover, a continuous coaching and giving feedback are required for it to see if the goals are met.
  • Our product has a great deal of methods in order to improve Agent Performance. It can be mentioned by helping them develop sales skills, training Agents for their development of business processing skills as well as providing product script for them to have better preparation when communicating with customers.

Lead Distribution Rule

When it comes to lead distribution, we don’t need to focusing on who gets the lead. And start asking, what’s our strategies?

  • Configure Lead distribution smartly & automatically in order to be appropriate with advertising campaign characteristics and specific Agent Group, which helps managing and monitoring flexibly the campaign development.
  • As the process becomes simpler and straightforward, this directly affects how efficient Agents are in terms of closing the deals, leading to increase sales efficiency.

Delivery Management

  • Around ten years ago, being able to track and trace goods in real-time was a prospect for the future. However today, with the aid of modern technology, businesses and consumers have unprecedented real-time visibility into the status of their order.
  • This translates into businesses adapting to consumers’ needs, not only by delivering fast but also by delighting customers along the way. In order to be successful in this competitive industry, TMS choose to integrate with logistic company instead of building an infrastructure, which will help streamline operations. By having access to real-time information, we find it easier to prevent and fix inefficient processes on-the-go, which is called Rescue Process.

Customer Service

  • One of the main benefits of good customer service is that it persuades people to do business with your company more than once. Repeat sales are not accidental, and without creating a positive customer experience, buyers will go elsewhere. One of the advantages of good customer service is that it creates personal connections with your target audience.
  • When you treat buyers with kindness and respect, you develop a relationship that makes your customers reluctant to go elsewhere with their business. However, the advantages of good customer service don’t just stop during a transaction, whether on the phone or in person. By taking an additional step such as sending a thank-you email or feedback demanding call after each purchase, you confirm the value of buyers regardless of the amount of their purchase.


Skilled Staff


Successful CR





See the Unseen

We bring knowledge and empower your sales strategies.
Come to us with your challenges and we will create solutions.

TMS Objective

Increase CR

Maximize CR by using Lead Cleansing & Lead Distribution Rule as well as building Outbound & Callback Strategy

Ensure Agent Performance

Training Agent with product script and sales guide line along with distributing Lead according to Agent KPI

Increase Order Value

Determine Racing board between Personal Agent vs Average Team Result and create top 3 Revenue & KPIs to inspire Agent work effectively

Improve Resell, Up sell, Cross sell

Automatically recommend Agent related products with primary and make the best rate to give amazing offers

Increase successful Delivery Order

Realtime tracking order delivery process to rescue in a timely manner

BI Financial Report

Maximise team performance by providing visibility with our customisable dashboards that update in real-time.